Baby massage

Baby massage can be a gentle way to ease your baby’s transition to life outside the womb. As well as providing comforting touch, it can also help ease problems with the digestive system and congestion, and can let you tune in to your baby’s cues. - Baby massage
Photo by Felipe Salgado on Unsplash

Here are some of the baby massage workshops you can find in and around Brussels:

  • Johanna Tilly (see Johanna’s village profile and Facebook page) is a baby massage therapist, yoga teacher and hypnobirthing teacher who gives individual or group baby massage workshops online or at your home. Johanna also provides a manual with all kinds of massage techniques for after the class. A combination of baby massage and parent-and-baby-yoga is also possible. Contact Johanna at for more details.
  • Zwanger in Brussel regularly run baby massage workshops, including some that are especially for dads/partners. It’s also possible to organise a private ‘baby massage party’ for 5-8 babies and parents. Contact Zwanger in Brussel via their website for more info.

Some perinatal physiotherapists also offer short baby massage courses.