Where can I give birth?

Where can I give birth?

If everything is proceeding normally in your pregnancy, and you have not been classed as 'high risk', you can decide to give birth:

  • in hospital

  • at home

  • in water, either in a hospital that can offer this, or at home (you can rent birth pools through some midwives)

  • in a birth centre

Birth centres in Belgium

There are currently no birth centres in Brussels, and it is not always easy to find up-to-date lists of birth centres in Wallonia and Flanders.

Bolle Buik midwife Patty Docx runs ‘Birth and breakfast’ (site in Dutch) at her home in Viersel, Flanders. This is a small birth centre, where you can give birth in the comfort of a home setting, under the watchful eye of a midwife.

To find out about other birth centres, ask an independent midwife. She'll be well placed to give you more information.

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