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Birth stories

Readers share their stories of births in Belgium. Click here for more ...

Home for the holidays – Marcus’ December homebirth

"Even though I was pregnant for the first time, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted for my...

Conall’s birth

This is the story of the birth of Conall, born to American mum Becca. Becca had both her children while living in Brussels. You can also read the story of the birth of Becca's first child, Una, in 2012, right here.

Dad's eye view

Dads share birth stories and their views on parenthood. Are you a dad who would like to share your story? Email hello@thevillage.be to find out more.

Dad’s eye view – the births of F and C

Irish-born Stephen tells us about the births of his two children, born in 2015 and 2017 in Brussels.

Guest articles

We're delighted to welcome articles from village partners! Click here for more ...


Mums and dads share their stories about running their own business in Belgium. Click here for more ...

Chou&Chou – the mom behind the brand

US-born Taiwanese mum Pam Chou tells us how her popular 8-in-1 maternity and nursing cardigan came about.

Finding balance with Jessica from Toolbox for Mars

Mexican-born Jessica Verdi runs Toolbox for Mars along with her two sisters. Toolbox for Mars' focus is all about combining a healthy lifestyle, personal growth and sustainability, "because our actions must be in tune with our values".

Life after Belgium

All good things come to an end! Readers who have left Belgium reflect on life away from home. Click here for more ...

Back across the pond

American mum Becca, whose two children were born here in Brussels, shares some reflections about life in and after Belgium.

From Brussels to Dubai

Violaine Carnoy tells us about her family's move from grey Belgium to the sunny Middle-East.

the village blog

Creator of the village, Siobhán McGonigle, shares stories, recipes and ideas from Irish-Belgian-Danish family life.

Inked at 40

Village elder, Siobhán McGonigle shares her story of getting inked for the first time at 40.

Family food – veggie chili

Here at the village headquarters, this is one meal that always goes down a treat! Even more importantly, it's easy and...