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Have you got a first aid kit at home? Life First...

It's the time of year when I start clearing out cupboards and doing some routine household maintenance. My job today was to check...

Home for the holidays – Marcus’ December homebirth

"Even though I was pregnant for the first time, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted for my...

Little Wonders Baby Music – an introduction

Rachel, founder of Little Wonders Baby Music and mum to her own little wonder, gives us an introduction to all that Little Wonders Baby Music offers, and explains why music is so important for babies. Enjoy!

Why we should think of family photos as heirlooms – with...

In this beautiful and heartfelt article, Rhode-Saint-Genèse based photographer Ana Ionita explains the value printed photos, and why we should consider baby and family photos as heirlooms.

Finding balance with Jessica from Toolbox for Mars

Mexican-born Jessica Verdi runs Toolbox for Mars along with her two sisters. Toolbox for Mars' focus is all about combining a healthy lifestyle, personal growth and sustainability, "because our actions must be in tune with our values".

Conall’s birth

This is the story of the birth of Conall, born to American mum Becca. Becca had both her children while living in Brussels. You can also read the story of the birth of Becca's first child, Una, in 2012, right here.

Accidents happen – strangulation: Life First blog

In this cross-post from the Life First blog, first aid instructor Kate Ellwood highlights some of the possible risks, and gives advice on how to keep your babies and young children out of danger.

Overcoming ‘Mom Guilt’ on Retreat – with Emily Gold

Yoga therapist Emily Gold takes a look at 'mom guilt', and at how we can make sure that it isn’t stopping us - or our partners - from looking after our own well-being.

A doula’s dream birth – Thainy & Kaël’s big day

Brazilian doula and mum-of-two, Thainy Macêdo, lets us share the story of her son Kaël's beautiful birth, in words and pictures. Enjoy!!

The Brussels Cakery’s Queen B(aker)

Baltimore-born, Brussels-based Jen Delgado tells us about the origins of The Brussels Cakery and about what life can be like running your own business.