“Since I was little, I liked looking at the photo albums of my family or of my parent’s friends. I liked seeing people smiling inside the albums; I imagined their stories, their life outside the paper.

“Being an artist photographer is a joy, it never feels like work”

Those image actually meant life for me: babies, toddlers talking their first steps, students on school trips, teens at parties, weddings, young mothers holding children, family portraits, and grandparents – there were all evidence of real life.

For me photography is an art: black and white shoots in retro patterns, modern pictures full of colours, shades of light, portraits.

Every picture I take must be perfect. Because for me photography is all about capturing life in image. A look, a touch, a gesture or a smile can tell a story more sincere than words ever will.

I began this journey in the art of photography, few years ago and I must tell you, I enjoyed every training I took. Being an artist photographer is a joy, it never feels like work. I specialise in family portraits and this includes many types of photoshoots such as: couple photoshoots, maternity sessions, newborn photoshoots, family photography, lifestyle photography, anniversary sessions etc.

The maternity photo sessions are full of emotion. I can almost feel the couples joy (and also the fears) during the shooting. Moreover, I am always fascinated about the mother’s eyes. I can see so much strength in there, it’s amazing!

During the newborn photoshoots, I am witness to the real miracle of life! I love how babies smell, the soft noises they make during the shooting, to see them sleeping peacefully in their parents arms. I also create different stories for the newborn photoshoots; I have many decors to use, in order to create memories for a lifetime.

The family photo session comes next. I like to capture the family members while they are feeling comfortable, playing and interacting with each other. I like it when there is laughter and a jolly atmosphere.

“A look, a touch, a gesture or a smile can tell a story more sincere than words ever will.”

When the weather allows, we use the outdoors nature, as decor for the shooting and the parents are more relaxed, the children are playing and pets are welcomed too. If not, we create a cozy decor in the studio, for everyone to feel like home.

I also shoot fun-sessions as smash the cake for toddlers and teens, where everybody eats … cake!

I like to shoot in nature, but when it’s not possible, my studio is fully equipped with everything I need. There are safe props for children, soft wraps for newborns, outfits for maternity, lights and colours and of course modern and professional equipment.

So, if you are looking for a photographer that truly loves her work and more than that, she leaves a little bit of her soul in every photo she shoots, here I am, at your service!”

Ana speaks English, French and Romanian.

Website: www.anaionita.be
Email: contact@anaionita.be
Tel: +32 0492 392 899

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnaIonitaNewbornPhotographer/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anaionitaphotographer/