The ultimate guide to having a doula in Belgium – intro


To celebrate World Doula Week (22-28 March 2020), the village has teamed up with doula duo Sophie Fraschina and Julie Denil from A doula in Belgium to answer all the questions you might have about having a doula in Belgium.

Over the course of World Doula Week, we’re going to be covering a wide range of topics, including:

While some aspects of having a doula are the same all over the world, we’ll make sure to look at the role of a doula from a Belgian perspective.

And at the end, we’ll compile all the information into one handy overview, so you have everything in the same place.

One mum’s story

Ever wondered what difference a doula could really make to a pregnancy and birth experience? US mum of 5 (!!) Meredith shared with the village how the doulas who accompanied her and her husband with four of their children – over two continents and three countries – were “the welcomed anchor” in a time of immense change.

In Belgium, she found her anchors in Sophie and Julie from A doula in Belgium. Read her story here:

Looking for a doula?

Find out more about some of the English-speaking doulas serving the greater Brussels area, as well as information about Belgium’s French- and Dutch-speaking doula associations, here.