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Most of us expats don't have family to rely on to babysit our children, and might not yet have built up a network in our neighbourhood. So who do you turn to when you need someone to look after them? 

And if you're looking for a babysitter specifically to look after your sick child during working hours:


Background checks on babysitters

While the Ligue des Familles, the Gezinsbond and your mutuelle will have carried out the necessary background checks on the babysitters you can find through their service, finding a babysitter through a website or a small ad will of course not provide the same reassurance. So how do you know who you are asking to look after your children? You could ask a babysitter to provide an 'extrait du casier judiciare' (formerly known as the 'certificat de bonne vie et moeurs')/'uittreksel uit het strafregister' from their commune, showing that (hopefully) they have no criminal record. Note that these certificates only remain valid for three months. You might also like to ask your babysitter for some references.



Rates can vary considerably, with the Ligue des Familles and Gezinsbond suggesting rates of EUR 5 and EUR 4 respectively per hour. However, rates of between EUR 7.50 and EUR 10 per hour are quite common for 'privately-sourced' babysitters.


Word of mouth

You can't beat a personal recommendation for a babysitter, but what if you don't actually know who to ask? Well, here are some places you can turn:

  • local (closed) Facebook groups like:
  • Several of the BCT local groups have babysitting circles for members. These usually work on a reciprocal arrangement with no money changing hands. The BCT operates these circles within local groups. Check your recent copy of the BCT's Smalltalk for information or ask your local leader for more information.

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Ligue des Familles babysitter database

The francophone family association Ligue des Familles offers its members a searchable database of babysitters - available in EnglishFrench and German. Once logged onto the site, you simply enter the date, times, language preferred and post code, and the site provides a list of babysitters that meet your needs. For an extra fee of EUR 5, you can have the Ligue des Famille's Babysitting Team match you up to the best candidate and arrange the service.

Basic training is offered to all new babysitters who feature on the site, and refresher training is also provided, giving a certain level of reassurance to parents.

Babysitting services that are organised through the Ligue des Familles' service are covered by insurance (civil liability and personal injury insurance for the period of the babysitting service).

The Ligue des Familles recommends the following hourly rates

  • Between 07:00 and 21:00: EUR 5/hour
  • From 21:00: EUR 4/hour
  • Fixed rate for overnight (between 00:00 and 08:00): EUR 20

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A comprehensive website (only available in French for the moment) that helps you find whatever kind of childcare solution you need, whether babysitting, after-school care, Wednesday afternoons, extra help in the evenings, and even nanny services.

Easy to use, you enter your general needs, and can then search the database according to post code. Each babysitting/childminder has a page that gives information on their availabilities, experiences, interests, rates and a photograph.

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The Dutch-speaking family association Gezinsbond offers a service to help you find a local babysitter. Like the Ligue des Familles service, they have good insurance cover and provide recommended rates: 

  • hourly fee: EUR 4/hour
  • minimum fee: EUR 8/hour
  • fixed rate for overnight (between 22:00 and 08:00 + breakfast): EUR 20

For more information about the service you can contact