Find a midwife

An independent midwife can offer a holistic approach to your journey to becoming a parent, and can offer invaluable support before or when you are trying to conceive, and during pregnancy, birth and in the postnatal period.

Within Brussels and the surrounding areas, there are several teams of independent midwives, many of whom speak English.

Do all midwives offer the same services?

Some midwives offer pre- and/or postnatal care, but do not attend births at all.

Others offer pre- and/or postnatal care, and also attend births, whether:

Midwives offering prenatal, birth, and postnantal care

  • Bolle buik (website in English and Dutch) is a team of passionate midwives, serving Brussels and the east side of Flemish Brabant.

    As well as homebirths, Bolle Buik midwives are also happy to support you during labour in hospital and can also ‘catch’ your baby in some hospitals – contact them for more details.

    Bolle Buik midwife Patty Docx also runs ‘Birth and breakfast’ (site in Dutch) at her home in Viersel, Flanders. This is a small birth centre, where you can give birth in the comfort of a home setting, under the watchful eye of a midwife.
  • Amala Espace Naissance (website in French, but many of the midwives also speak English, e.g. Aline Schoentjes – contact any of them to ask).

    As well as homebirths, if you prefer to give birth in hospital, Amala midwives can also ‘catch’ your baby in Erasme hospital’s Cocon midwife-led unit (site in French) or in the regular Erasme labour ward, or in Sainte-Elisabeth hospital in Uccle.
  • Au fil de la naissance (website in French, but many of the midwives also speak English – contact any of them to ask)

    Services offered depend on the midwife.

Midwives offering pre- and/or postnatal care, but not births

  • Zwanger in Brussel (website in English, French and Dutch) is a dynamic team of midwives ready to look after you during pregnancy and after the birth of your baby. They work in the 19 communes of Brussels.

    Midwife Elke Van Den Bergh is also an IBCLC-qualified lactation consultant, who can offer consultations at any time on your breastfeeding journey.

    NOTE: The team used to support births, but for a 6-month period starting October 2021 they will not be attending births, either at home or in hospital.
  • Antenatal & Baby midwife Hannah Kurz offers postnatal care in the following communes: Auderghem, Bertem, Evere, Hoeilaart, Kortenberg (Erps-Kwerps, Everberg, Meerbeek) Kraainem, Leefdaal, Overijse, Tervuren (Duisburg, Moorsel, Vossem), Watermael Boitsfort, Wezembeek-Oppem, Woluwe St Lambert, Woluwe St Pierre, Zaventem (Sterrebeek). Follow-up online calls are also possible.

    Midwife and IBCLC lactation consultant Jo Everatt offers in-person professional breastfeeding support within the eastern outskirts of Brussels, as well as online consultations.
  • Wheel of care (website in English, French and Dutch) offer pre- and postnatal home visits in the following communes:
    • 1000 Brussels/Bruxelles
    • 1030 Schaarbeek/Schaerbeek
    • 1040 Etterbeek
    • 1050 Elsene/Ixelles
    • 1060 Sint-Gillis/Saint-Gilles
    • 1080 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek/Molenbeek-Saint-Jean
    • 1210 Sint-Joost-Ten-Node/Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode 
  • Safems (website in English, French, Dutch and Turkish) is a team of three multi-lingual midwives offering pre- and postnatal care in the 19 communes of Brussels (and within a radius of 30 kilometres with additional contribution for travel costs).

Professional unions of midwives