Welcome to the village, Daria! Why birth photography? 

For me, it’s a story about strength, beauty and love. I’m sure that this is one of the most significant days in a life and it should be documented.

My job as a photographer is to capture every aspect of birth: from the excitement and expectation to the boundless happiness of new parents greeting their baby for the first time.

Whether the birth is at home or in a hospital, they deserve to hold the memory of it with them forever.

What do you hope to show in your photographs?

Through my photographs I hope to tell the incredible story of parental love, strength and beauty, the journey through labour and birth to the moment a woman becomes a mother. 

Do parents show these photos to their children?

Absolutely! Birth photos are about telling children the story of their birth.  Here’s what my clients, Seren and Nick, say about it:

When we look at our photos, we relive those moments. What we felt at that moment is reflected in the photos…

Our son Evan will be very happy when he will see these photos in the future“.

Isn’t it intrusive to have a photographer taking pictures during one of the most intimate and personal moments in your life?

It’s important to discuss all the details concerning the photoshoot at a meeting before the delivery and set clear boundaries. I am very clear about my style of photography and show a portfolio of my work.  

Childbirth is unpredictable and does not always go smoothly. I am careful during the birth not to interfere with the process; my goal is to make parents forget about me.

Do hospitals in Belgium allow photographers to be present at a birth?  

Many future parents are not clear about whether they can have a photographer take photos in the hospital.  In my experience, hospitals in Belgium allow a photographer at birth. 

If you are thinking about having a birth photographer then discuss it with your midwife, hospital and gynaecologist, not all hospitals have the same policies. 

Given that babies do not understand the concept of time and due dates, how do you plan your time so you can be at a birth?

I keep in touch with parents from the 38th week of pregnancy until the birth of the baby.

This means I’m available 24/7, able to drop everything at a moment’s notice. I aim to be with parents from active labour until their baby is born, whether it lasts 2 hours or 20.

But, it is important to capture those first moments as a new family so I stay for another 1-2 hours after the birth. 

“What I loved about working with you is that you let us be our true selves and you created genuine photos while capturing the best angles and moments. You have a keen eye for combining the lighting, angle and important details in one photo and the result is just beautiful. Thank you for capturing one of the most important moments in our lives with such great talent. We couldn’t be happier to have these photos for life and share and cherish them with our family and friends”.

The birth of a child is the most powerful day of someone’s life and it will be in their memory forever. Professional photos of the birth mirror the emotions and feelings that remain with you for a lifetime, and they are worth it.  

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