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Doula guide - research
Discover some of the impacts that doula support has on birth outcomes and satisfaction with the overall birth experience, as well as what it is that makes it so effective.
Doula supporting parents - www.thevillage.be
Take a look at other articles in this series:- Part 1: What is a doula?- Part 2: What kind of qualifications do doulas typically have?- Part 3: When and how can a doula help me on my journey?- Part 4: What does the research say? The concept of an experienced...
Ana Ionita from Ana Ionita Photography tell us what being a newborn, maternity, baby and family photographer means to her.
The superwoman behind SuperMums Belgium, Beatriz Romo, shares with us some 'DOs and DON'Ts' about fitness during pregnancy.
When Jessica Evsen was pregnant with her second daughter, she fell into a deep depression. "Until today", Jessica says, "I don’t really know what caused it. But I know that it felt absolutely crippling to be in such a state of despair and hopelessness." While therapy helped to some...
Yoga therapist Emily Gold gives some practical advice on dealing with 'fight or flight' stress responses when dealing with everyday stresses.
In these unusual times, many of us will be experiencing a whole rollercoaster of emotions. For children, especially, situations such as these can be particularly bewildering or scary. Fear is one of our basic emotions and a normal and adaptive answer that helps us stay alert and take the...
Despite living in an age when we can easily and cheaply video call with loved ones on the other side of the world, most of us regularly lament the fact that it's downright tough to live so far away. Yes, those precious Skype calls are wonderful, but they're only...
Interdependence not isolation
With COVID-19 now impacting our everyday lives in a very real way, first aid instructor Kate Ellwood from Life First shares some tips for minimising panic, promoting interdependence and beating the isolation.
Are you confident you'd know what to do in the event of an emergency? And would your kids? Here, first aid instructor Kate Ellwood from Life First walks us through all we need to know!