Toy libraries

“We are not ceasing to play because we are growing older, but we are growing older because we cease to play.” George Bernard Shaw

There are various toy libraries (‘ludothèques’ / ‘speelotheeken’) in Brussels and all over Belgium, where members can borrow toys, puzzles and other games for a small fee.

This can be a great way of giving your child access to a range of safe, age-appropriate toys, or even trying out some toys before you think about buying them.

The system dates back to the early 1970s and most toy libraries receive local government funding.

How much does it cost to join?

While the exact terms of use vary between toy libraries, annual membership rarely costs more than €10 per family (most cost much less), while borrowing a toy/game can cost as little as €0.50 or €1 per week. Larger or more expensive toys/games may cost more. 

Where can I find toy libraries in Brussels?

There are toy libraries all across Brussels (and beyond), with more run by the French-language community:

When are toy libraries open?

Toy libraries typically have professional educators on-site who can answer questions and give advice, and are often only open on Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays. You can find a list of opening hours French-language Brussels toy libraries here. For Dutch-language toy libraries, it’s best to contact the location in question via the details on this page.