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Home for the holidays – Marcus’ December homebirth

As soon as Brussels-based American mum Emily Gold found out she was pregnant for the first time, she knew she wanted to give birth at home. Emily shares the story of Marcus' birth.

“The most beautiful thing I ever did” – a homebirth story

With the hope of inspiring other expectant parents, mum Emma shares the story of the homebirth of her second child, where she was supported by midwife team Zwanger in Brussel.

Homebirth in Belgium

For some mums-to-be, giving birth in their own familiar environment, accompanied by a midwife, feel like the safest and most obvious option. Homebirths ('accouchement...

Birth centres in Belgium

More and more parents are looking for something other than the medicalised approach to birth that's common in Belgium, and are exploring alternatives that...

Preserving memories: birth photography for a lifetime

Birthing your baby is a memory that stays with you for the rest of your life. But, have you ever thought of having a birth photographer present? We spoke to Daria Kuznetsova about her work as a birth photographer and what it means to her.
Woman reclined on bed with smiling baby resting in her lap

Alice’s birth in Le Cocon

Having given birth to her first child in Canada, Christina Reinards chose the Le Cocon midwife-led unit in Erasme hospital for the birth of her daughter, Alice. Here, she recounts the birth, outlines some of the advantages of natural birth, and shares her experience of those advantages.

Brussels birth culture is changing…

New midwife-led units, or birth centres, in Brussels hospitals as from September 2024 will offer expectant mothers greater choice about where and how they birth. But at just a few months from the start date, is the healthcare system ready?

Pyjama days rule! Taking care of yourself after birth

Cocooning in the weeks after birth brings a wide range of benefits for both mum and baby. In this article, hypnobirthing teacher Kate Ellwood looks at practices in other cultures and gives tips for prioritising well-being, rest, and recovery during this crucial period.

Madelief’s birth

When you've already given birth once, you should know exactly what to do, and when, the second time, right? Not so simple actually! As mum-of-two Elizabeth Boorman tells us in this story of the birth of her second baby, Madelief.

Boy 3 – Callum’s birth

Siobhan's first two births were induced 10 days after the expected due date. So waking up to contractions just 7 days after Callum's due date was a much-welcome surprise. Within 3 hours, Callum was born.