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New home

If you stay within the same region (e.g. moving to a different commune but still within Brussels), you don’t have to do anything for your child benefits. But if you move from Brussels to Flanders or Wallonia, for example, it is best to inform your fund. Because hey, we love Belgium, but every single legislation is divided into smaller pieces to make things even more complicated. Let your child benefit fund figure it out for you! 😊

Moving abroad or working in a different country to where you’re living? Let your fund help you with the transfer; you can ask any questions here.

New job

A change in career, for better or worse? This might have some implications. Whether your salary is going up or down, it’s best to contact your child benefit fund to avoid a reimbursement from either side. If your new job involves another region than the one you are living in, it’s also a good idea to contact your child benefit fund.

Whether you are part of the Infino family or not, you can contact them easily via this link.

New child

Is another change in the offing? Are you having a baby? Congratulations! And remember to apply for your birth allowance.

Did you know that Infino plants a tree for all newborns in the family? That means you can contribute to a greener environment by choosing Infino as your child benfit fund.

Are you forming a new family with other children moving in? Congratulations too! We hope everything goes smoothly. To avoid extra administration, it makes sense to have all the children from your household affiliated with the same child benefit fund – you can transfer them effortlessly via this link.

New relationship status

In case of divorce or separation, there are three basic rules:

  • A (de facto) divorce does not affect who receives the family benefits.
  • The beneficiary or beneficiaries remain unchanged because it is assumed that the parents will be co-parenting. When parents who were not married to each other separate, co-parenting is also the basic assumption.
  • If you will not be co-parenting in the legal sense, you can refute this assumption with a full copy of the court ruling.

You can read more in details in this previous blog on the topic of separation and divorce.

A new partner? Enjoy this special time! You don’t have to take action concerning your child benefits … unless you’re going to live together, merging two households and thus meddling with the ‘family’s income’. Too complicated to sort out on your own? We know. Luckily, funds like Infino are there for all kinds of situations.

New … other things

Above, we only discussed the most common changes. Infino, our partner and child benefit fund, has another list of life-changing situations. They are working on an English website, so for now, we listed the pages in French (FR) and Dutch (NL).

  • Parent deceased NL | FR
  • A child goes into foster care NL | FR
  • Moving to another region NL | FR
  • Significant loss of revenue NL | FR
  • New child in the (extended) family NL | FR
  • Other situations can be found in the section FAQ NL | FR

Is there a life change not mentioned here, and that you have questions about? Feel free to contact Infino with your story and/or question: brussels@infino.be / vlaanderen@infino.be / wallonie@infino.be

Did you know that you’re free to choose, or even change your child benefit fund?!

Find out more about Infino at www.infino.be and if you want to join the Infino gang, simply submit your application here.

Rest assured that when you change fund, there is no interruption to your monthly payment.

DISCLAIMER: thevillage.be receives a small commission if you use any of the above links to join Infino. If you do so, thanks for helping the village keep doing what it does!