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Siobhán, founder of shares stories from her own life in Belgium, with her Irish-Belgian-Danish family - three sons of her own, one step-son, one step-daughter, a cat, a dog, and more tropical fish than she can keep track of!

Announcing your baby’s birth to the world

Time to think about how you'll announce your baby's birth to the world? We're sharing some great local options, whether you want to go fully bespoke, personalise a design from a designer's existing collection, or go full DIY.

Brussels birth culture is changing…

New midwife-led units, or birth centres, in Brussels hospitals as from September 2024 will offer expectant mothers greater choice about where and how they birth. But at just a few months from the start date, is the healthcare system ready?

Pyjama days rule! Taking care of yourself after birth

Cocooning in the weeks after birth brings a wide range of benefits for both mum and baby. In this article, hypnobirthing teacher Kate Ellwood looks at practices in other cultures and gives tips for prioritising well-being, rest, and recovery during this crucial period.

Can I have some more please?  – Extending your maternity leave

At 15 weeks – just one week above the EU minimum – Belgium's maternity leave is among the shortest in Europe. But what if you want to spend longer with your newborn? Here, we look at some of the options you have.

Pssst, kids in Brussels, this one’s for you!

Every child in Belgium is entitled to a monthly child allowance payment. But did you know that you can choose the child allowance fund that best aligns with your family's values? – Guest post in collaboration with Infino