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The birth allowance is an important financial boost when you’re welcoming a new life into your family – it’s a no-strings-attached amount of over €1,300. And it’s completely up to you how you spend it.

Maybe you want to finish decorating your baby’s room, choose a practical pram that will help take you and your baby on all kinds of adventures, treat yourself to some relaxing prenatal massages, or put it towards some maternity of newborn photography to celebrate this special time of your life. The choice is yours!

You’ll receive the birth allowance at the earliest two months before your expected due date – still plenty of time to put it to good use. 

Are you adopting a baby? Then you’ll receive the (adoption) allowance soon after your child arrives in your family. Of course, you can apply earlier! 

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How much will I receive exactly?

The exact amount you receive depends on the region you live/work in, as the family allowance system in Belgium is handled on a regional level. The amounts are also regularly indexed.

Now, in May 2024, you’ll receive €1,340.90 for your first child if you live in Brussels. On the Infino website, you can find details of the amounts you receive if you live in Flanders or Wallonia.

How can I apply?

While in the past, applying for the birth allowance and monthly child benefits was done via your employer, you now do it yourself – and it’s easy!

At Infino, the application just takes a few minutes. They guarantee smooth follow-up and punctual payment of your birth allowance and – after the birth – your monthly child benefit payment. Moreover, you can always contact a personal adviser.

Apply now, and you’ll be on your way to receiving a welcome bonus to help you best prepare for your baby’s arrival. You’ll receive the payment on your bank account around two months before your estimated due date.


Do you have any questions your entitlement to the birth allowance, or about how to appl? Get in touch with Infino, they’ll be delighted to help!