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Couple lying on bed facing each other
Brussels-based sexologist Adina Inescu reminds us of the role of intimacy in sexual health, shares three important things to know about intimacy after birth, and introduces her upcoming in-person and online workshops for new mums.

Madelief’s birth

When you've already given birth once, you should know exactly what to do, and when, the second time, right? Not so simple actually! As mum-of-two Elizabeth Boorman tells us in this story of the birth of her second baby, Madelief.
Margarita Malkina, founder of Tap & Clap, a Brussels based music program for children aged 0 – 4 talks about her roundabout journey to Brussels and teaching music, and what her classes are like.
Shopping for baby items is probably high on your to-do list when preparing for your baby's arrival. But it's easy to get overwhelmed! How can you figure out what you actually need, and how to source it in a wallet-friendly way? Read on!
Brussels-based nutritional therapist Harsh Agarwal tells us how a career change brought him back to his roots, and shares the value of a naturopathic approach to nutrition in postnatal recovery.
When you're preparing for your baby's arrival, receiving a no-strings-attached €1,100 is a very welcome bonus! Find out how to apply for your birth allowance. Guest post in collaboration with Infino.
Expecting your first baby? Or moving your family to Belgium? Let Infino get your family off to a great start with the family allowances your entitled to! GUEST ARTICLE IN COLLABORATION WITH INFINO.
Want to make sure your baby is as safely protected from the sun as possible? Then check out our list of 5 great sunscreens that are good for your baby and for the planet!
Every child in Belgium is entitled to a monthly child allowance payment. But did you know that you can choose the child allowance fund that best aligns with your family's values? – Guest post in collaboration with Infino
First aid instructor Kate Ellwood gives some advice on the 'must-haves', 'nice-to-haves', and 'why nots' to keep in your family first aid kit.