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The superwoman behind SuperMums Belgium, Beatriz Romo, shares some 'DOs and DON'Ts' about fitness during pregnancy, and introduces the SuperBellies programme – perfect for staying in shape and feeling good in your changing body.
Photographer Ana Ionita, who used to work in Brussels, explains how a maternity session can give mother and baby (and partner too, if wished) the chance to create lasting memories.
Yoga therapist Emily Gold gives some practical advice on dealing with 'fight or flight' stress responses when dealing with everyday stresses.

Back across the pond

American mum Becca, whose two children were born here in Brussels, shares some reflections about life in and after Belgium.
Here at the village headquarters, this is one meal that always goes down a treat! Even more importantly, it's easy and fast to make ... and making a double portion is only a little extra work, so yay leftovers!!!Full of vegetables and beans, and served with avocado, grated cheddar,...