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Refugee, asylum seeker, expat, new citizen, guest of a host family… Whatever you call yourself, at Infino, we want to make sure every child has its place in a sustainable society.

We’re happy to support all children living in Belgium by ensuring swift payment of the monthly family allowance – and at over €170 per month per child, we know it can make a real difference!

In this article, you’ll find out what you need to do if you are new to Belgium yourself, together with your child(ren), or are welcoming new arrivals as a host family.

I’ve just arrived in Belgium, what do I need to do?

Just arrived in Belgium with your child(ren)? Get all the admin in order as soon as possible and entrust Infino to take care of the payment of your monthly child benefit allowance.

  1. Register with the municipality in which you are living. If you already have a job in Belgium, you can ask your employer to help you with this.

    If you and your child(ren) have fled Ukraine, apply for temporary protection before registering with the municipality.
  2. Open a Belgian account with the bank of your choice so you can receive family allowance payments electronically.

    Belgium also ensures a basic banking service for recognised refugees, asylum seekers and other temporarily protected persons – read more about this here (various languages, including Ukranian).
  3. Request your family allowance.

How do I request family allowance payments?

To apply for family allowance payments, you need:

  • residence documents or a Belgian identity card, which you will have received from the municipality where you live;
  • a Belgian bank account, opened at the bank of your choice;
  • the signature from one or both parents – this can be electronically or on paper.

Make the request for family allowance payments via Infino online – form for Brussels available in English, French or Dutch

From Ukraine? Take a look at our dedicated page for Ukranian families.