“The idea for Culture Kids was born after many years of living abroad, travelling and teaching in different places; identifying certain ‘gaps’ to be filled in traditional education. The multi-cultural societies we live in today don’t cater for the growing needs and respect for diversity.

Brussels (Overijse) was therefore a great place to start.

The activities proposed are the following:

  • Language and music lessons
  • Cookery lessons
  • Philosophy and art workshop
  • Birthday parties
  • Holiday camps/stages
  • Cultural events
  • Yoga and mindfulness sessions
  • School visits, presentations and workshops

The objective of this cultural project is to broaden children’s horizons; discovering and learning about cultural differences to enrich the bonds that connect us as human beings. 

The space is decorated and adapted to marvel children and stimulate their curiosity, with a reading corner, games and creative area, movement space as well as a fully-equipped kitchen for cooking workshops

The different activities concretely enable children to learn by having fun in a dynamic and prepared multi-lingual environment adapted to their age group.” 

Weekly after-school activities

“Our regular classes include language lessons, mainly English and French for different levels as most children in the region go to Dutch schools. However, Dutch lessons are available on request with a minimum of four students.

We also have kids cooking classes in the three different languages, and private piano and guitar lessons. For more details, take a look at our online programme.”

Children’s birthday parties

“At weekends, birthday parties are very popular on Saturdays, with creative or cooking activities, so you need to book well in advance to be sure to get your desired date!

Our online calendar is also a good start to check availability!”

Holiday camps

“Holiday camps are also very popular learning journeys with different themes and activities in two languages. Ideally situated right next to the Soignes forest, we enjoy nature walks or even cycle and picnic when the weather permits.”

Special workshops

“Some special workshops or events are organised for children and families at weekends, such as movie or documentary viewings, story-telling sessions, theatre events, CinéSoupe animations, workshops with particular artists.

We also participate in larger expo events such as Creativa on 13-16 February 2020 at Brussels Expo and have been selected to participate in the expo ‘Hope – Initiatives and changemaker projects for a sustainable and better future’ at Tour & Taxi on the 28 and 29 of March 2020.

You can keep up-to-date on our activities by following our Facebook page or checking our website.”

Activities proposed for schools

“World discovery workshops – We come to the classroom with a suitcase filled with information and surprises about a particular country. An interactive presentation gives knowledge and stimulates imagination and questions… followed by a hand-on folkloric and creative activity related to that particular culture.

Philosophy workshops – Connecting the heart, the body and the soul, a philosophy workshop is a common quest for truth and knowledge to develop a creative and critical mind. With a certified ‘SEVE’ (Savoir être et vivre ensemble) trainer, children take part in guided discussions on fundamental topics.”

Lastly, a word about the founder of Culture Kids …

Pascale Croonenberghs has been running Culture Kids since 2018. “A passionate globe-trotter, entrepreneur and an educator of all ages for about twenty years, my interest lie in enriching children’s perspectives of the world and each other through respect and open-mindedness. These qualities are of the utmost importance to me. After many years as a practitioner of the Montessori method, as well as other pedagogical advances, it’s a real passion to share travel experiences with children to engage them in cultural discoveries. Crossing borders, embracing diversity and creating relations!

Originally from Belgium, I grew up in the Middle East, studied in the UK, and embarked on several adventures around the world before returning to Brussels in 2006, where I taught in an international school for many years.

Juggling motherhood and an entrepreneurial course at Solvay in 2017, I finally left the academic world to make the dream of Culture Kids come true.

With a beautiful team of multi-lingual educators, talented artists and musicians by my side, we warmly invite your children to embark on a unique learning journey.

See you soon for a new adventure!”

Want to give your child wings to discover the world?

Check out the Culture Kids website for full details of all the activities mentioned about.

Brusselsesteenweg 624, 3090 Overijse
Tel: +32 476 763 078